Robert Moss

Markham Plaza Resident Robert Moss was found dead in late October or Early November, 2012 after Markham Plaza Property. Manager, Elaine Bouchard used fraudulent court records created during a fake court hearing (The Fraudulent
nt Eviction of Heidi Yauman) to deny him accomodations he needed pursuant to the American’s with disabilities act.


Markham Plaza Property Manager, Elaine Bouchard was given permission by Judge Socrates Manoukian and the Santa Clara County Public Guardian to viciously harass and torment her for several months. Heidi Yauman suffered from a traumatic brain injury and Elaine Bouchard targeted her for injury by intentionally inflicting Ms. Yauman to a relentless barrage of cruel and vicious torment, humiliation and harassment, confusion and emotional stress, knowing that it would cause Heidi Yauman injury because of her traumatic brain injury.

When a diverse network of community groups and faith based organizations joined together to defuse the conflict and commotion caused by Elaine Bouchard, and asked to set up a meeting, Elaine Bouchard lashed out and attacked them too.

Heidi Yauman was disabled and she enlisted the assistance of a Palo Alto Tenant Rights activist contact management on her behalf,  to ask Elaine Bouchard to stop harassing Heidi Yauman and to leave her alone. She was essentially “gang raped” in Judge Socrates Manoukian’s court room after he ruled that that it was a crime for ADA Tenant Rights  to assist a disabled woman with bringing her concerns to property manager to stop the harassment


Deputy County Counsel Larry Kubo assisted facilitated the fraud by overriding Heidi Yauman’,answer to unlawful detainer, stripping out Heidi Yauman’s legal protections through California’s fair employment and housing act and Santa Clara County Deputy Public Guardian Arleen Peterson embezzled money from Heidi Yauman and used this money to pay off Markham Plaza’s attorney: Ryan Mayberry to commit fraud in case: 1-12-CV226958


These fraudulent documents were then used to also deny Heidi Yauman’s neighbor, Robert Moss accomodations pursuant to the American’s with disabilities act and prevented Robert Moss from getting groceries and medicine from his doctor.

Robert Moss was found dead in his appartment in early November, 2012.


Santa Clara County Counsel Orry Korb dispatched Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective David Carroll after tenant Rights activist Cary-Andrew Crittenden and threatened him arrest for trying to assist Heidi Yauman with filing a complaint the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and demanded that Crittenden not talk about the crimes that were committed by Santa Clara County Officials against Heidi  Yauman and the other residents.


Detective Carroll told Mr. Crittenden that he was under investigation by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office for reporting to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development about Santa Clara County government officials engaging in Eviction Fraud and violating HUD Regulations.



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